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Friday, March 16, 2007

Motorcycle paint progress report

Like any good project the Suzuki's repaint is taking longer than one might wish. It is progressing nicely and there's no magic to getting a good result, so it is taking a little time. I'm just painting the gas tank and the tail section to match the front fender and side covers that were already painted a metallic, gun-metal dark gray that turned out to be a Truck & SUV color.

So far, the tail section has been sanded and primed. I used sandpaper to remove the pinstripe decal on this portion and that took quite a long time to get through the clearcoat and then to remove the pinstripes. For the gas tank I used a miniature wood plane to remove the decals and it was much quicker than sanding all of the decals. I did have to sand everything to remove the edges on the clearcoat and some edges on the bottom required quite a bit of sanding to remove some loose clearcoat that would flake off when I hit it with the air gun. I did get the underside of the gas tank primed last night before I quit. Hopefully this weekend I'll get the topcoat grey color sprayed.

I'm still working on how I will add some white scallops to the sides of the gas tank, front fender and tail section. I did find something very interesting that I believe I am going to add to whatever white trim I use. Its called Dupli-Color Nite Lites and it supposedly lights up like traffic signs and road name signs when hit with headlights. This seems like a pretty good idea for a dark motorcycle if I want to keep from being run over or into by less attentive car drivers.

Anyway, the project is still under $50 including the sandpaper I've purchased just for this job. Buying the Nite Lites reflective paint will drive the price over the $50 mark, but not by much.

Buddy Loc wants me to go for a ride next Saturday to Jackson, Wyoming! If I'm going with him, I've got lots to do in a week's time, not the least which would be putting a few local miles on the bike to ensure its up to extended rides. I may have to miss Jackson this time...

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